Fandoms Collide at Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans!

Fun Times at Wizard World New Orleans!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Wizard World as media. Although, I was only there for one day, my time spent there was a blast! From getting to hang with my pals Liz and Lindi at Pure Fandom, seeing my favorite vampire, Ian Somerhalder, participating in a fun Disney Trivia panel with Jon Heder and Thomas Ian Nicholas, to meeting Henry Winkler! Yes…I met The Fonz. Such a sweet, sweet man. No pic or autograph though, will rectify at another convention hopefully! My only regret is I wish I could have stayed for another day and met Jason Momoa! Check out the photo above of Ian and Jason on their private plane heading to New Orleans for the weekend.

But good news! Wizard World New Orleans will be returning for another year and the date is set! The convention will be back the weekend of January 4-6, 2019. So make sure to mark your calendars!

Don’t live in the New Orleans area? That’s ok, because Wizard World travels the country with their conventions at many locations, you are sure to find one near you. Check out their locations HERE.

Top 4 Favorite Moments at Wizard World New Orleans

Photo Credit: Getty’s Images – Erika Goldring

1. Seeing Ian Somerhalder!

As I mentioned, I was fortunate to attend Ian Somerhalder’s panel this past weekend. I talk about his appearance over at Vampire Diaries Online. My sweet friend Lini moderated his panel. So make sure to head on over and check that out!

2. Hanging with my pals from Pure Fandom

One of my main reasons for coming to this particular convention, was because two good friends, Liz and Lindi, who run Pure Fandom, were acting as moderators for several panels at the convention that weekend. I have known these girls via social media and connecting through our websites for over 5 years and this was our opportunity to finally meet. I’m so happy we finally did, and I was so impressed with their moderation skills. These two are so much fun, and can’t wait to see them again.

Photo Credit: Getty’s Images – Erika Goldring

3. Seeing Davis Tennant Live and In Person

When I first arrived I was able to catch some of David Tennant’s panel, moderated by Liz. What a funny guy! He had the crowd laughing constantly. I wouldn’t call myself a huge Doctor Who fan, but I am definitely a Harry Potter fan, so it was cool to see “Barty Crouch, Jr.” up close and personal. Check out this article recapping the panel from David Tennant News.

4. Attending the Disney Trivia Panel with Jon Heder and Thomas Ian Nicholas

One of the highlights of my day was sitting in on the last 30 minutes of a Disney Trivia Panel that my friend Lindi was moderating. Jon Heder and Thomas Ian Nicholas hosted the panel along with Lani Sarem. You can watch the entire panel below that was live streamed by Tom himself.


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  1. Found you through Twitter. I also very much enjoyed WW NOLA & we attended 3 of PF’s fan panels (which were so much fun!)

    Tell you what: I will try to really watch & give Vampire Diaries a chance if you do the same with Doctor Who! Liz admitted she hadn’t really thought she’d like it but finally gave it a chance at Lindi’s urging and was so glad she did. DW is one of those rare things that really GETS to you. It’s fantastic!!

    • Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for the comment. I have actually watched several episodes of Doctor Who, one weekend my daughters and I started watching and binged a couple of seasons and couldn’t stop! So trust me…I get it. Ultimately, something forced us to stop and we never picked our binge watch back up. I never got to David’s season unfortunately. One day! 😉

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